The practice of pharmacy has evolved from a historical emphasis on the preparation and distribution of drug products to new activities and responsibilities that focus on the rational, safe and cost-effective use of drugs. Just as it is generally assumed that physicians are primarily involved in providing medical care and nurses in providing nursing care, pharmacists are the primary providers of pharmaceutical care. The mission of the pharmacy profession, therefore, is to meet the pharmaceutical care needs of the public.

In the pharmaceutical industry, pharmacists are valuable contributors to research and development programs, clinical trials of new medications, and quality control efforts. Additionally, pharmacists may develop and/or implement marketing and sales strategies, assure compliance with government regulations, and assist in public relations.

The pharmaceutical industry is one of the most dynamic and sustainable industry growing at healthy rates. This will lead to an increase in employment opportunities for well-trained pharmaceutical scientists in which pharmacy graduates are well qualified to participate. Industrial pharmacy has diversified, with consolidation in the industry, and now offers a wide choice of career structure both in large innovative pharmaceutical companies and smaller support organizations.

There is a huge variety of roles available within the pharmaceutical industry. Students of pharmacy discipline can make their careers in the following realms:

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