Mr Kamal Faruqui is a renowned practicing Chartered Accountant associated with several important positions in Government and Non- Government organizations. A self-made man and a front-ranking modern face of Indian Muslims, his efforts originate from the belief that education is the key to effective nation-building, promoting women education and modernization of madrasas and many more. Mr Kamal Faruqui is a prolific speaker, efficient organizer, expert on issues of minority rights, communal harmony and inter-faith dialogue. He promotes educational activities to dispel economic backwardness for effective nation building. He is actively associated with civil society groups. Mr Kamal Faruqui has been involved with multiple educational institutions across the country and is on the board of many medical and professional colleges across the country. As an Ex-Director of Central Bank of India and Former Chairman of Delhi Minorities Commission he has made significant contribution in diverse fields. Mr Faruqui is already well known and trusted in Amroha, his birthplace, for establishing and successfully running an education hub comprising of MESCO Public School and RBMM, a college imparting B Ed (Bachelor of Education) programme.


Pharmacy education is an exciting and unique blend of science, healthcare, technology, business, and counselling. It also provides you with a variety of rewarding, stable, high-paying career options. And it’s an industry that’s both poised for continual growth and also actively involved in improving living conditions across the globe.

Pharmacy practice is an indispensable part of modern health care, and the demand for welltrained pharmacists is projected to grow well into the 21st century.

At MESCO Institute of Pharmacy, our goal is to provide an exemplary, learner-centered pharmacy education. We are dedicated to harnessing the passion and work ethic of our students and faculty to create the very best pharmacy education.

As the healthcare needs of the nation, and the world continue to grow, the escalating demands on the healthcare system will require increasing participation of pharmacists to assist healthcare teams and healthsystems provisions. With these thoughts in mind, MESCO Institute of Pharmacy is excited to begin its Pharmacy program from the academic year 2018. I welcome you to MESCO Institute of Pharmacy. The journey has begun and we are excited for the future!

Mr. Kamal Faruqui

Mesco Institute of Pharmacy