Don't Support Ragging, Ragging is a Crime.

MIP is a NO RAGGING institution where we follow the guidelines of AKTU and UGC regarding Anti Ragging. It is brought to the notice of the institute students and other various stake holders that ragging is a criminal offence and UGC has framed regulations, on curbing the menace of ragging in higher educatinal instituion in order to probihit, prevent and eliminate the scourge of ragging.

Anti-Ragging Committee

1. Dr. Abdul Samad(Head)
2. Mr. Talquees(Male Faculty Representative)
3. Ms. Ruchi Rani(Female Faculty Representative)
4. Ms. Sariya Khan(Female Student Representative)
5. Mr. Faiz Kazmi(Male Student Representative)
6. Mr. Noor Ahmed(Coordinator Committee)

Note: In case of any act of rag please report to the following contacts/Helpline

Dr. Abdul Samad

Mob: 9528060229

Mr. Noor Ahmed

Lecturer And Coordinator
Tel No: 05922-260016

Mesco Institute of Pharmacy